From the October 1992 magazine.

A Blanket of Forgiveness

Upon entering AA at the ripe old age of thirty-five, having lost my family, my business, and my home, I knew I had to resolve my conflicts or go mad. I realized I would find no peace in this program unless I was willing to change. So I set out to do a Fourth Step.

I used the inventory on pages 64-65 of the Big Book with amazing results! Whenever I've been willing to be honest about my past experiences, I have been able to see that I set the ball rolling on every one. It was hard to stay angry when I found I was about ninety-five percent responsible for the problems, and I could see this when I wrote them out and let them go--with the exception of one, my problems with my father. It is this experience I would like to share.

-- Rick B.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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