From the July 1993 magazine.

. . .And Words Will Never Hurts Us?

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe what gets discussed at AA meetings. Recently at a beginners' meeting the talk focused on detox, Antabuse, and where to go to get therapy. After some lengthy discussion of where to go to get a good counselor, someone asked: "Where do you go to get a sponsor?" There was an awkward silence and then somebody said simply: "AA." Everybody laughed and applauded, and finally the meeting's focus was restored.

Not long ago, the chairperson at a discussion meeting proposed as a topic something like this: Now that we are all sober and responsible citizens of the community, what can we do as members of AA to raise public awareness of ecological problems in order to protect the future for our children? Fortunately there were enough experienced members in attendance so that the topic never left the launching pad. But I've been at meetings where it would have.

-- Jim N.

Denver, Colorado

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