From the January 1996 magazine.

. . .WHO Has Thoroughly Followed Our Path

I never shed many tears in my life, until I first stumbled into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous more than six years ago. Then the tears poured out. Sadness opened the floodgates in those early days. I cried out, because my disease had hurt so many people, including me. I cried out in desperation, for I had little hope, so much fear, and no place to hide.

Soon the tears dried up. Not because I began to recover as I worked the Twelve Steps. No, I wasn't ready to be honest or open or willing. The tears went away because my disease is such that it allowed me to forget just how much pain I'd been in. And that set me up to repeat the insanity of the past, expecting different results.

-- William M.

St. Paul, Minnesota

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