From the May 1997 magazine.

20 Questions

  1. Do you occasionally feel grateful that you are alive and not drinking?
  2. Have you awakened in the morning recently and looked forward to getting up and going to work?
  3. Have you gone a complete day without drinking or thinking about it?
  4. Have you paused in the middle of a busy day and thanked your Higher Power for removing the compulsion to drink?
  5. Are you experiencing periods of unexplained serenity?
  6. Have you had warm feelings toward another person and wondered if this emotion could be love?
  7. Do you sometimes feel good about yourself and wonder if life would be as good if you were not an alcoholic?
  8. Do you sometimes feel happy for no specific reason?
  9. Have you quit feeling sorry for yourself and decided that recovery in AA has made you a better person?
  10. Are you able to admit that you may have been wrong, and to apologize when appropriate?
  11. Can you play golf, poker, bridge, or pool, bowl, or do a paint job around home without remembering or wanting a beer?
  12. Have you recently--with no ulterior motive--told your spouse and kids that you love them?
  13. When you have a problem, have you asked your Higher Power for help and been able to turn it over and go to sleep?
  14. Do you have more good days than bad days?
  15. Are you able to talk about your feelings at AA meetings, and not just relate events?
  16. Do you like yourself?
  17. Do you socialize with other AA people?
  18. Do you look forward to and enjoy AA meetings?
  19. Have you had a dream in which you turned down a drink or did not drink because an AA friend helped you?
  20. Do you thank your Higher Power at the end of each day for helping you stay sober?

If you have answered yes to five or more of these questions, chances are good that you're a grateful recovering alcoholic. You should continue going to AA meetings and trying to practice these principles in all your affairs.

If you answered with ten yeses, you are showing definite symptoms of sobriety.

-- W. J.

Wilmington, Delaware

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