From the October 2000 magazine.

A Change in Circumstances

The Home Group


In 1993, the Grapevine published an anthology of articles titled The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA. In 1999, we conducted a readership survey and many respondents indicated that they'd like to see a special section in the magazine devoted to the Home Group. In January 2000, the editors put out a call for articles on this topic and material began flooding in with the clear message that AA's heart is still beating, sure and strong. With this issue, we are happy to continue an ongoing section in the Grapevine featuring the Home Group--where it all begins in AA.

I went to the Sunday night meeting at my home group here in Alabama. I was the only one who showed up. I sure could have used one of those inspiring meetings we used to have there. Overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia, I stayed. I look around the small trailer the mayor had provided us with to use as a meeting place and remembered how dirty and hopeless it looked at first. We cleaned the yard and painted the outside of the building, repaired the plumbing and electricity, and hung slogans and curtains on the inside. As I sat there alone, I wondered what had happened to this little place that at one time was full of recovering alcoholics and the pervasive spirit of AA.

-- A. D.

Millry, Alabama

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