From the March 2001 magazine.

A Fragile Sanctuary

The Home Group


In 1999, we conducted a readership survey and many respondents indicated that they'd like to see more articles in the magazine devoted to the home group. So the editors put out a call for articles on this topic --and material began flooding in with the clear message that AA's heart is still beating, sure and strong. In this month's issue, we are happy to continue an ongoing section in the Grapevine featuring the Home Group --where it all begins in AA.

At my first anniversary, I was described as one skeptical guy. Fortunately, my sponsor encouraged me, actually nudged me, to get involved in our home group (the only group in town at that time), and eventually I came to feel a part of it. I even came to love it. The thought that the grateful mother of one of our group's members made the AA banner that had hung from the chairperson's table for decades impressed me very much. The great relationship between our group and the Second Presbyterian Church (later renamed the United Presbyterian Church) gave me a feeling of stability.

-- Mike S.

Amsterdam, New York

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