From the April 2003 magazine.

A Forum, a Wedding, a Twelfth-step Encounter

When Holly and I arrived at the Huntsville airport Friday morning for the Southeast Regional Forum, we found out we had the afternoon free. So we decided to put the time to good use--we got married.

And that was just the beginning of a wonderful weekend. The forum, from the opening remarks by the Vice-Chairperson of AA's General Service Board, Class A (nonalcoholic) Trustee Linda Chezem, right through to the closing session Sunday morning, was an experience we will always treasure. The wit and grace of Richard G., our Regional Trustee, as he guided us from session to session, the articulate presentations, the informative workshops, and the inspiring sharing sessions made us so grateful to be part of the Fellowship of AA. We're especially grateful to our own host committee and to the GSO and Grapevine staffs from New York whose dedication, humility, and spirit of service made the forum possible. The quote that best summed up the weekend for us came at one of the open sharing sessions when someone said, "These forums show us that you're real people."

-- Rene and Holly L.

Ft. Pierce, Florida

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