From the March 2006 magazine.

When The Sky Caves In

Staying sober when the worst happens

It was early January when I got the call that something terrible had happened, something unimaginable. My younger sister had been murdered.

What? How? Why? I cried. With the family 150 miles away, I paced back and forth in my house, the words of my children and girlfriend a blur. Numb from head to toe, trying to decide what my next move was, I chose to go to a meeting. My AA friends knew from the sight of me that something was wrong. I shared what I had heard and how I was feeling. The pain hadn't even begun to settle in. Back home, I found that I had many calls to make and children to hold. I called my sponsor and sponsees and let them know what had happened. Next morning, I went to my home group's Eyeopener Meeting, which starts at 7:00 A.M. I shared the horrible facts, as I knew them, with my group, and people began handing me phone numbers left and right, so many that all I could do was stick them in my pocket. I stayed for the prayer and then stood up to start what was to be one of the longest days of my life.

-- J. Mc.

Gainesville, Florida

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