From the April 2006 magazine.

A Family Nightmare

Alcoholism attacked one generation after another

Because I grew up in an alcoholic home, no one had to educate me about the disease. I had seen it all in my own family, especially in my mother, who was a chronic alcoholic by her late thirties. The atmosphere at home was a sad picture, bereft of emotional support and stability. It was a roller coaster from hell that never seemed to end, or even slow down.

My brother, six years my senior, bailed out when he was sixteen and began his own alcoholic career away from home. He joined the service and went far away. He was the hero I hardly knew. I dreamed he would come back home and take me away from my terrible life. I swore to myself time and time again that I would never drink. I hated alcohol.

-- Laurie R.

Mayhill, New Mexico

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