From the July 1956 magazine.

When I First Joined AA There Were Two or Three Members in Our Group Who Were Dry Three or Four years. . .

later I met fellow who was dry six years which seemed like an interminable period. . . - Now I have just had my own tenth anniversary

HOW DOES IT FEEL? Was it easy? Do I have any problems? Did I make a million dollars? Do I agree with everything in AA? What can the two, five, and seven year man expect? How do I work the program now as compared with ten years ago--hey--what is this?

It feels pretty good, since you ask.

It was easy, yes, in a way. Easy compared with all the other methods that failed. The hardest thing for me was to get myself to AA in the first place. Once I did, I accepted AA as my way of life. No compromises, no looking back, no reservations; this was it! Fairly early I...

-- Anonymous

Scarsdale, New York