From the January 1957 magazine.

Some Reminders for Old Timers

REMEMBER HOW IN OUR EARLY DAYS it was drummed into our heads that the first drink is the one which makes us drunk? . . .if we are truly alcoholic, that is--people affected with the disease called alcoholism. I think we really cannot emphasize this truth of the first-drink-danger often enough, and that as time goes on we are inclined rather to put it in the background of our accrued knowledge in Twelfth Stepping.

We well know that the old compulsion will return with the first drink. We may rationalize and think, "Why can't I take a drink, just one small drink, like other people?" Because: we can't and that's the answer we might as well face now, tomorrow and forever so long as we move about upon his particular planet in our particular shoes.

-- Anon

Bradenton, Florida

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