From the August 1958 magazine.

Average Old Timer

A FEW DAYS AGO one of my AA brothers, who knows me better than most, told my wife that I was the perfect example of the guy who practices "Easy does it." How little he knows! I am just beginning to practice that slogan for the first time in my life.

For twenty years I was one of the least spectacular drunks of all time. I never got arrested; I never was hospitalized; I never lost a job; I didn't get into brawls; in fact, I wasn't much trouble to anyone--but myself. Long before AA I was known as a guy who never got in a tizzy about anything. Everyone remarked about my ability to get along with people and about the fact that I was so tolerant. The truth of the matter was that I was not tolerant . . . I was indifferent.

-- Paul L. B.

Montgomery, New York

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