From the December 1962 magazine.

Bleating Deacon's Corner--

People in the Fellowship tell me I'm an AA snob--that I think AAs are better than other people. Well, I guess I do but not because we are naturally that way--we just better lead lives of character improvement and growth or else we are likely to wind up dead drunk or vice versa. And I hope I have up-ended my last bottle of "sneaky" in my last doorway. The fear of being Back There again is enough to scare a little Charity into anybody.

In our group there is a bunch of about a dozen non-alcoholic wives who are friends; they all sit together, a solid bank of them. Now they are, individually, very fine girls; they have done a lot to help their men; they stuck with them during the worst times and now they are proud of their husbands and grateful for the Fellowship. But they don't put themselves out to welcome the wife of a new man or give her any sort of an Al-Anon pitch that might reassure her and make her feel less desperate and lonely. And they scare off girl alkies coming into the group, fresh from the shakes. That solid bank of forbidding non-alcoholic femininity would scare anybody. It even makes me uneasy, and I know how nice each of those girls is as an individual. I think we ought to start another AA tradition--at open meetings wives and husbands should sit together in couples. The way they separate in a lot of groups today it looks like they are lining up for a War Between the Sexes.

-- Anon.

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