From the January 1963 magazine.

Bleating Deacons' Corner

Bleeder's Bleat

That new department is an excellent one. But the name! "The Bleating Deacon's Corner!" Surely, you must have become confused through faulty phonetics, or else, man, your sense of imagery has deserted you. The term has to be "Bleeding" deacon. And to convince yourself, you need only to picture both terms, separately.

Bleating Deacon conjures up a Group Founder (or Equivalent) in a silly position--head upraised and, through pursed lips, complaining in a raucous but high pitched voice to no purpose and to (outdoors) an empty sky or (indoors) to a blank ceiling. This is not the behavior of species Deacibus Oldtimus. Visualize, instead--

-- A. S.


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