From the March 1963 magazine.

On Attending Meetings


MANY times, at an AA meeting, I have seen a person walk into the room and heard him say, "I NEED this meeting." Everyone in the room feels a response, is glad he is there and wonders what the person's problem could be. Time and again one hears the expression THIS IS A SELFISH PROGRAM. Each guy or gal is in it for his own precious sobriety. However, we have learned that sobriety, plain and simple, is not enough. After the first glow of wanting to hire a hall and tell this wonderful message to all the poor slobs still suffering, the words "contented sobriety" start worming their way into our consciousness. Then, we learn that there are certain aids for this contentment in sobriety and not the least of these is SERVICE.

So, here is our ready-made opportunity for service. The person who says he needs this meeting is obviously going through some kind of personal torture. If this poor guy is shunted from one well-meaning person to another, ignored, or laughed at, he just might end up in that bar. This is where you and I come in. If we have decided it is too hot, or too cold, or we're too tired to go to meeting--we miss this opportunity, not only to help but to strengthen our own sobriety. If the entire group had come to the same decision on the self same night there wouldn't be any meeting and the man with the problem would be back out on the street--a little worse off.

-- M.M.B.

Racine, Wisconsin

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