From the October 1964 magazine.

Am I a Bleeding Deacon?

An older member notes some things that put a strain on his resolve not to be one

I'VE been a member of AA for many years and I guess I'm bleeding. What makes me bleed? Well, to be blunt and honest about it, I'm getting more and more critical of what I see happening in some groups these past few years. It fills me with apprehension that many are overlooking the basic principles our fellowship was founded on. This state of mind is not conducive to practicing tolerance as I should.

It is gratifying to see so many new and young faces in the program, but unfortunately too large a percentage of these are continuing their 'research' and after one, two, three and even more years have not made any appreciable progress. So I bleed when I discover that they have never read the Big Book; they have no idea how AA started; they have a vague acquaintance with the Twelve Steps, and even less with the Twelve Traditions. General Service to them could be a firm of tax accountants.

-- Anonymous


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