From the July 1965 magazine.

The Image Scrimmage

An AA old-timer reflects on self-knowledge

REMINISCING with an old friend, I recalled an occasion forty-odd years ago when both of us had been in a teenage audience to which a young clergyman had spoken. Truth and sincerity had been his suggested guidelines for a significant life. Know yourself, accept yourself, improve yourself, control yourself and, above all, be yourself. Such had been the substance of his remarks.

We were comparing this with the present day when so much emphasis is given to the 'image' we create. To get ahead in life young people are told to win friends and influence people. In this process of angle playing, truth and sincerity would seem to be downed on the line of scrimmage. In our concentration on the project of influencing others, we frequently lose sight of the one person we are best able to influence. To that person, yourself, you also bear the greatest responsibility. Unless maximum results are obtained with yourself, maximum help to others is impossible.

-- Anonymous

Tuscon, Arizona

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