From the March 1984 magazine.

Powerful Simplicity

AN OLD-TIMER challenged me once: "Can you tell me what love is, in one word?" I thought and thought, and finally gave up. "Energy," he said.

I'd been watching this man closely for a long time. The nearer he gets to the down-and-outer in the meeting room, the more he sparks up. He's our group's "unofficial janitor"--always there, serving in a thousand ways. He sponsors new ones and old ones, spent years in H & I (hospital and institution service), and is now active in public information. The other day, he spoke to a sizable group of staff psychiatrists at a local hospital; they stayed over to keep listening to him, gladly missing their lunch hour. They must have been wondering: How can such complexities in human beings be turned into such powerful simplicity?

-- Anonymous


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