From the October 1990 magazine.

Keeping AA First

using Step 11 when making meeting becomes more difficult

After forty-two years of sobriety in AA the infirmities and restrictions of age have settled in. Seeking and maintaining sobriety has been my life from the day my early sponsor told me bluntly, "Put AA first in your life or get out." I have tried as faithfully as I could. No distance, weather or hour, no resentment or cost came before my AA activities. I have tried, imperfectly of course, to give 110 percent. And in return. . .? Sobriety and its inestimable benefits! But now, at seventy-five, the old fire and energy burn low. I would like to slide comfortably into my old age with my AA activities first as always, but these days I cannot always do so, for the "twinges in the hinges" command first attention. Thus I face this challenge: Can I stay sober with my physical activities curtailed?

To complicate matters I have unwittingly isolated myself from activities by relocating in a remote, rural area. AA is too distant to allow me, in my present physical condition, to get as involved as formerly. I have neglected to join a home group, nor do I get into twelfth-stepping, sponsorship, and service work any longer. I miss this and know that it contributed much to my sobriety and growth.

-- D. T.

Comer, Georgia

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