From the June 1994 magazine.

Fifty Years of Gratitude

I first learned about AA in Ohio in August 1938. I had several relapses until my first day of lasting sobriety--Armistice Day, November 11, 1944. This, therefore, is my golden anniversary year of sobriety.

Yes, I'm very grateful for all that I've learned and achieved in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous: recovery, sobriety, contentment, and the opportunity to share all that I was so generously given. But I will always remember those helpless and hopeless drinking times. I remember early treatment procedures: undergoing the aversion cure, being locked up with mental patients, enduring iced sheets and other shock treatments, withstanding physical beatings in a jail bullpen and an Army guardhouse. And I remember the anguish in the faces of loved ones when it seemed that their prayers for my recovery had failed.

-- George S.


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