From the March 1995 magazine.

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

I have been sober for twenty-five years. In the peculiar math of Alcoholics Anonymous, 25 times 365 equals one. We all share the comradeship of having been sober this one day, which is the only day we really have. But as a friend reminded me a few days ago, "Yeah it's one day at a time--in a row!"

Sobriety has brought with it countless blessings, all of them in the form of people. First there is the continuing relationship with Lynn, my wife of thirty years. Thirty years married and still going. We are the avenue for each other to experience emotions that otherwise we might keep at a safe distance. I've also had the privilege of seeing my children grow up into great human beings who love me, and their birthing of grandchildren who also love me.

-- Anonymous

Irasburg, Vermont

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