From the June 1995 magazine.

From wagon trains to jets

My first real contact with Alcoholics Anonymous was made in Yonkers, New York, where I grew up. I had an asthmatic sister in the hospital; she told me that she was dying and she wanted me to raise her eight children.

We had two other sisters, but for some reason she wanted me to raise these kids. "There's only one thing, Nancy," she said. "You're going to have to stop drinking." "Katharine," I said, "you'll just have to stay alive because I will never stop drinking. Furthermore, if I had never taken a drink in my life and was confronted with raising eight kids--I'd start!" She began to laugh, and she laughed so hard she coughed up all the congestion, and her lungs cleared up, and she left the hospital. All the nuns (it was a Catholic hospital) were saying, "It's a miracle." "No," I said, "it was me."

-- Nancy O.

Lafayette, California

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