From the December 1995 magazine.

A Wonderful Time Was Had By All

Our intergroup committee voted in favor of having our first Old-timer's Meeting. Since I made the motion to sponsor the meeting, I was named chairwoman and organizer. Since I'm fairly new to this area (I got blown out of Miami by Hurricane Andrew), I didn't know who all the old-timers were, so I had to seek help in finding their names, groups, and whereabouts. I did this by going to our monthly district meeting and attending meetings I didn't normally attend. I asked everyone who came to our intergroup office if they knew of someone who had thirty years or more of sobriety.

Allison, our intergroup newsletter editor, helped me put together a flyer which we made available to all the groups at the district meeting. We also handed them out at the intergroup office and at the monthly intergroup meeting. It wasn't long before I had a nice long list of old-timers compiled, complete with phone numbers. Every group got very competitive and if they had an old-timer in their group they wanted to see that he or she spoke at the meeting. So you can see we really spread the message to our area.

-- Ellie B.

Lakeland, Florida

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