From the August 1999 magazine.

Get Busy!

I am not a writer but I will try to put into words the gratitude I have for God's grace, Alcoholics Anonymous, and my sobriety. I had my last drink on August 16, 1966, when I was thirty years old. To tell you the kind of alcoholic I am: if the ocean was made of bourbon, I would worry about evaporation.

I came from an alcoholic home. My father died of our disease when I was ten. I was devastated. I took that pain and pushed it down as far as I could. No one talked about feelings in my family, so as the years went by I just stuffed everything. I was a very unhappy child and felt like the wind was blowing through my gut everyday. I was afraid of everything and everyone.

-- Joyanne F.

Allenspark, Colorado

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