From the June 2000 magazine.

I Stayed Sober

I was born here in Indiana, have lived here most of my life, drank here, and got sober here. There are not enough pages or hours for me to give credit to all the things that have helped me stay sober since 1968, when I first came to AA. But if I were to pick one thing I've received the most help from, it would be Twelfth Step work.

God put the right people in my path. When I was sixty days sober, an old-timer said it was time for me to go on a Twelfth Step call with him. I was in awe. What could I do? On the way I was full of questions. What would we say? Would we have to stay with him all night? Would we have to take him someplace? I was nicely told, "Share what you have and no more. And remember you're here because it will be good for your sobriety. If someone else gets anything out of it, that's just a fringe benefit." It was quickly pointed out to me that in Bill's own story, he talks about the lengths he went to trying to find a drunk to help. And he stayed sober. We don't know what happened to all the guys he called on. I was told also that I wouldn't know what Twelfth Step work was until I'd had my new shoes or my car seat puked on.

-- F. F.

Wolcottville, Indiana

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