From the November 1944 magazine.

The Pleasures of Reading

Alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike would profit by a careful reading of Alcohol: One Man's Meat, by Edward A. Strecker, A.M., M.D., and Francis T. Chambers, Jr. (The Macmillan Co., 2.50). Mr. Chambers is an alcoholic who hasn't indulged for many years. He is also a psychotherapist of high repute. In his introduction, the non-alcoholic Dr. Strecker, one of our foremost psychiatrists, makes a brilliant plea for the alcoholic: " . . .If the alcoholic were directly chargeable with these high crimes and misdemeanors against his own flesh and blood and against society, then no amount of scorn and punishment would be too severe for him. There are at least two reasons why he is not directly guilty as charged. . ." One of these, says Dr. Strecker, is that the alcoholic is definitely a sick person, just as sick as the patient who has tuberculosis or pneumonia. The second is that the makings of his alcoholism often reach far back into his childhood and are not within his control. There are enlightening chapters on normal and abnormal drinkers, the introverted personality, the extrovert, alcohol and sex. Maeve S. An A.A. member who prefers to remain anonymous, has written a mimeographed condensation of Aldous Huxley's The Art of Seeing. The Grapevine will send it without charge to those interested.

Alcoholics Anonymous (Works Publishing Co., Box 459), Grand Central Annex, N. Y. 17, N. Y. (3.50).

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