From the May 1946 magazine.

The Pleasures of Reading

Change Your Life Through Prayer,

"This book is really a series of case histories of experiences with prayer, with suggested programs whereby the reader may make his own experiments and change his own life through prayer." Mrs. Mann, in her preface, thus describes her book, and goes on to explain why she came to write it. Her life had become "more and more complicated, and so filled with problems and unhappiness, that, but for my children, it did not seem worth the living. Then, one day in 1926, between one moment and another, I was suddenly confronted with a situation so terrifying that I knew nothing short of God, a miracle, could save my life. . . . I learned that prayer is the most powerful force in the universe. . . . I began to see that law was in evidence, here as elsewhere in nature. I determined to learn as much as possible about the laws involving prayer. My first motive has grown into a steady resolve to devote the rest of my life to learning all I can about this power we call prayer, and to sharing my findings with everyone who cares to listen."

There is a familiar ring to all of this to us in A.A.--an intolerable situation--recognition of the need of a higher power--case histories--suggested programs for each to use as he wishes. There is much in the body of the book, also, to give us confidence in the author, attitudes and concepts that we have come to accept as we have progressed in A.A.

-- Bob D.

Garden City, Long Island, New York

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