From the September 1946 magazine.

The Pleasures of Reading

THE IDEA OF CHRIST IN THE GOSPELS OR GOD IN MAN by George Santayana (Charles Scribner's Sons, $2.75)

A. S. M. Hutchinson in This Freedom, a quarter-century ago, wrote the story of the modern career woman who prostrated herself and her children in idolatrous worship of the modern trinity: truth, knowledge and reason. But for her, and for them, truth lied, knowledge deceived and reason betrayed. She cries aloud in her Gethsemane:

"All our intelligence, if materialism may be called intelligence; all modern teaching, offers us God the Spirit, but as it seems to me tonight, denies us God the Father and God the Son. It may be--reasonable. But things spiritual demand for their recognition emotions spiritual, and there's a pass that thousands reach when the spirit is a dead thing. If they are to believe in God only as a Spirit, a Force, a Power; an Essence to be felt but not seen; an Element to be absorbed into but not to be visualized, if this, if these, there needs in them some spirit, some force, some power of themselves to lift themselves to meet it.

-- R.F.S.

Montclair, New Jersey

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