From the April 1992 magazine.

The Fountainhead

"I joined a group that devotes its closed meetings to Step discussions. Most of the members had their own concepts of a personal God; the atmosphere of faith surrounding me was so marked that I thought at times I was on the point of joining in it. I never did. And yet I found the Steps revealing new depths of meaning with each discussion.

"In Step Two, the 'Power greater than ourselves' meant AA, but not just the members I knew. It meant all of us, everywhere, sharing a concern for each other and thereby creating a spiritual resource stronger than any one of us could provide. Another woman in my group believed that the souls of dead alcoholics, including those of times before AA, contributed to this fountainhead of goodwill. The thought was so beautiful that I wished I could believe it, too."

-- Came to Believe, page 84

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