From the June 1944 magazine.

Ounces of Prevention. . . . . . .

Keep an indexed notebook of member's names with you: for phoning and writing A.A.s. Call a member when you have jitters, depression, discouragement, resentments. . .When you can't sleep, write a letter to an A.A. in Service or on the road and out of touch. Put a habit-forming reminder in your shaving or make-up kit. This starts the day with a definite statement that you won't take a drink. Make a hospital call. When you feel low, get to the next meeting, anywhere in the area; or go to one of the A.A. luncheons. Never let yourself get hungry. For that five o'clock time try a light snack, a frosted chocolate. See our Time on Your Hands Column. . .and send us your own Ounces of Prevention.

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