From the February 1949 magazine.

Thoughts for the Newcomer--

LET us analyze some of our alcoholic characteristics. Among them is fear, and fear eats out the heart, warps the mind, and destroys the body. It is a killer, so toward fear it is not a question of "live and let live," it is a question of kill or get killed. Fear is the sign that we have been groveling in the valley of despair, but in A.A. we learn to walk on the high plain of faith. Fortunately fear is on the inside of man, not the outside. That in itself is hopeful, for we know that each of us, with the help of his particular Higher Power, is master of all that is within him. If, therefore, we have sincerely accepted the preceding Steps, then faith has entered the front door of our hearts, and when that happens, fear goes out the back, for certain it is that fear will not dwell in the heart which is filled with faith.

-- P.S.H.

Nashville, Tennessee

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