From the November 1951 magazine.

These Are the Services


  1. Hospitality to visiting AAs and Non-AAs
  2. Inquiries
  3. Clearing House for Group Problems
  4. Information Service for Industry
  5. General Service Conference
  6. Traditions
  7. For Lone Members at Sea
  8. Secretary's Handbook
  9. Helping New Groups
  10. Regular Monthly Newsletter
  11. Publications, Recordings, Translations
  12. Speaking Dates
  13. Information Service for Institutional and Medical fields
  14. Helping Groups abroad
  15. Public Relations (contacts with press, radio, TV, motion pictures, authors, students)
  16. Group Directory Service (Kardex files, maps, annual Directory)

Accounting Dept.--recording orders and contributions for 1950--47,184 entries were made.

Mailing Dept.--During year 1950, 13,120 packages of literature and books were mailed (or 196,800 lbs.) which cost $5,600 in postage. First class mail postage for year 1950, $4,162.75.

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