From the September 1953 magazine.

Using Your Magazine

From the "Group-Vine

MAY I suggest not only reading The Grapevine monthly but saving each issue for re-use? I mark the page number and subject on each issue under the headings of Honesty, Faith, Humility, Working the Program, Twelfth Step, etc. By referring to a special list of page numbers and issues I can easily read many articles on the subject I may feel in need of or wish to use when it is my turn to be Chairman.

In our group at each meeting we pass around a box in which we put no more than a dime. This money is used to subscribe The Grapevine to for each member and for renewals. Sometimes we pass up this small collection for a few meetings until needed again. If it costs a regular member a little more in a year than a subscription we know it is worthwhile as insurance that each member receives every issue. Also, for someone who may drop out after a few months the arrival of The Grapevine may well result in their return to our better way of life.

-- O. T.

St. Louis, Missouri

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