From the March 1954 magazine.

Do You Know Any Blind AAs?

IF you do, there's a newsletter in Braille, put out by an AA in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, as part of his Twelfth Step work. Written especially for sightless AA members, and others who might have a problem with alcohol, it is issued every three weeks, and may be obtained free of charge by writing to: Box 418, Robesonia, Penna. The editor, Dick C., says that transcription into Braille (Grade l1/2, for those who understand the term) is done by the Volunteers Service for the Blind, and the material is sent postage free. About twenty-eight blind AAs now receive Dick's "Chit-Chat in Braille" and many more would be welcome. Letters are accepted in either ink print or Braille, and should be addressed direct to Box 418, Robesonia, Penna.

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