From the January 1958 magazine.

Message In Psycho

"GO HOME, SOMEONE WILL CALL YOU this evening and take you to a meeting. AA is a fellowship of men and women sharing a common problem, alcohol. You will learn more at a meeting than I can ever tell you. Try meetings for thirty days. Then, if you feel AA is not for you, turn yourself in to Psycho."

How many times have I said that? How many times have I wondered if I helped? How many discouraging reports of those to whom I have talked? Where was the thrill of going on Twelfth Step calls? Where was the lift from institutional work? Am I doing or saying the right thing? Is institutional work for me? Why do I do it? Do I reach the still suffering alcoholic? Why do I feel so guilty if I say "No" even though I feel so inadeguate?

-- Cathi M.

Los Angeles, California

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