From the October 1968 magazine.

Dr. Harry M. Tiebout

WHEN the "alcoholism tree" first appeared in the Grapevine, Dr. Harry M. Tiebout, well-beloved early friend of AA, who died in 1966, was moved to suggest a companion piece, the "positive tree" of sobriety, which we printed in the November 1963 Grapevine, and again in the July 1966 issue where it appeared together with a tribute to Dr. Tiebout by Bill W., AA's co-founder.

Dr. Tiebout was the first psychiatrist to see in AA an approach to alcoholism of revolutionary significance. He altered his whole therapeutic approach in the light of AA's performance with alcoholics, and over many years he contributed a significant body of writing to the field of alcoholism. Many of Dr. Tiebout's articles appeared first in the Grapevine. Many are now available as reprints from the National Council on Alcoholism, with whose growth he was intimately connected. This "doctor's issue" of the Grapevine would not have been complete without a contribution of this great psychiatrist, who wrote in humility that: The psychiatrist "can no more afford to overlook the spiritual than can any member of AA."

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