From the January 2002 magazine.

A Big Splash

Firsts in Sobriety

Tubing! When I was drinking, I thought this was the ultimate cooler for the dog days of summer. Lying on inner tubes, my friends and I would float for hours down the local river. The beer had its own tube, so we were never far from our liquid good times, though those good times often led to vomiting after the first stretch of white water. I couldn't wait to do it all over again.

After a few more years of this kind of drinking, I crawled into AA. A growth opportunity soon presented itself to me in the form of a tubing trip that friends from my home group were planning. I didn't want to go because I always had drunk while tubing. I thought I'd have to sneak beer just to be able to socialize.

-- Kathy R.

North Carolina

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