From the September 2003 magazine.

A First-year (Panel 53) Delegate's-eye View

The Big Book says, "We will be amazed before we are halfway through." I was amazed. As a delegate to the 53rd General Service Conference, I experienced a range of emotions, from frustration to fulfillment, anger to gratification, excitement to depression. At the gala Sunday night reception, I laughed and cried; during presentations and discussions, I listened and learned; and at meals with fantastic food and fellowship, I made lifetime friends.

Every day I walked down Broadway humming "On Broadway" before attending the 7:00 A.M. meeting of the Serenity Group to get my spiritual grounding. My committee argued over tough issues, but in the end, we all hugged and reached the consensus that we had done our best.

-- Andy T.

Pataskala, Ohio

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