From the April 2004 magazine.

A Fast Track to AA History: the AA Grapevine Digital Archive

In June 2004, coinciding with the sixtieth anniversary of the magazine, the new AA Grapevine Digital Archive will be up and running, and you'll be able to go online and access every Grapevine article and letter ever published (all 12,000 of them), including the 150 articles Bill W. wrote for the magazine. Access will be free for the entire month of June.

With the AA Grapevine Digital Archive's search engine, you'll be able to locate not just an individual article but a group of articles related by topic. Just type in a key word, such as "meditation" or "anonymity," and you'll have a wealth of articles on the subject at your fingertips. You'll be able to find articles by departments, such as Around AA or Ham on Wry, as well as by author, geographic location, or issue. If you just want to browse, you'll be able to scroll through topics to see what the Fellowship and its friends have had to say about spirituality, twelfth-stepping, or the Concepts.

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