From the May 1951 magazine.

AA Under the Mapleleaf

CANADA Dry. . .that's not a mixer, that's a fact and a new way of life for 7,251 citizens of the Dominion of Canada in 299 groups who are dry through the Twelve Steps from Detroit's neighbor city Windsor, Ontario, to the far Yukon's iced-in Whitehorse and arctic Yellowknife on Great Slave Lake. Here in the vast northern half of the whole North American continent is a proportion of AA's in the scattered population almost exactly equal to that of the United States, despite a much later AA start, and despite great handicaps of distance communications, language barriers and festive traditions older than Yankees know.

Even Nature conspires to Canada's wetness, not to a Canada-dry. Three oceans touch the far-flung land, and there are lakes that are inland seas, and rampant rivers. And lonely places and open spaces where the wee drop or the vin petite might comfort and solace. And miles of mellow grain whose yield is high in molten gallons to the broad acre.

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