From the May 1951 magazine.


IN 1813 Toronto was twice looted by U.S. troops. This is said in some quarters to have caused a resentment. A totally unknown historian has pointed out that, dating from this unneighborly incident, there was a marked increase in toperish tippling in Toronto. Every one knows that drinking on top of an empty resentment leads almost inevitably to alcoholism. Thus Toronto has an 'excuse' straight out of the history books for turning out a distinguished array of anonymii. Few other cities can make that statement!

Today, however, all is forgiven. The slate is wiped clean. For if the Yanks really were responsible for Toronto's century-long binge, it was from those same Yanks that Toronto borrowed the solution to its historic hangover. By now nearly a thousand Toronto alcoholics (some of whom are 7th and 8th generation descendants of those original 'loot toot' drinkers) feel that they have actually got the better of the bargain.

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