From the September 1953 magazine.

A Different Ending

AA members all around the country responded to our request for comment on "AA at Work--or at Leisure?" in the July issue. Three answers appear below.

BOB OF Troy's article, "AA at Work--or at Leisure?" in the July issue of The Grapevine struck a responsive chord in me because I too have had a similar experience, but with a different ending and different conclusions.

I entered AA October 14, 1946 in Helena, Montana. I was its eighth member. It was a small, dedicated group. Its oldest member had barely a year's sobriety and the first member to call on me in the hospital had six weeks. I had a thorough grounding in AA with that group. Together we went through the growing pains that evolved most of the Twelve Traditions. To...

-- M.E.B.

N. Y. City, New York