From the September 1953 magazine.

A Different Ending

AA members all around the country responded to our request for comment on "AA at Work--or at Leisure?" in the July issue. Three answers appear below.

BOB OF Troy's article, "AA at Work--or at Leisure?" in the July issue of The Grapevine struck a responsive chord in me because I too have had a similar experience, but with a different ending and different conclusions.

I entered AA October 14, 1946 in Helena, Montana. I was its eighth member. It was a small, dedicated group. Its oldest member had barely a year's sobriety and the first member to call on me in the hospital had six weeks. I had a thorough grounding in AA with that group. Together we went through the growing pains that evolved most of the Twelve Traditions. To have a club room--not to have a club room. To leap on our white chargers and go buckety, buckety from one bar to another, following the slipper who just wanted to be left alone? All of it we learned by trial and error and guidance from General Service Headquarters as Traditions One, Two and Three came slowly to us.

-- M.E.B.

N. Y. City, New York

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