From the June 1954 magazine.

How It All Began

With this issue "The Grapevine" is ten years old, going on eleven. To celebrate the occasion we asked the original "six ink-stained wretches" who put out Number I, Volume I (and who are still happily sober) to contribute articles. On the following pages they greet us. (Editor's note: drawings are not sketches from life!)

ON the evening of May 22, 1944 several members of AA met in a small midtown apartment in Manhattan for a very special and, to them, exciting session. As they constituted the original editorial staff, they were assembled to inspect and pass judgment on the June 1944 issue, ambitiously headed Volume I, Number 1, of The Grapevine. Long weeks of agonizing work, under somewhat difficult conditions, had gone into the preparation of an eight-page, three-column paper, but at last it was ready for distribution to members of AA in the New York Metropolitan area.

-- A. T.

New York City, New York

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