From the June 1954 magazine.

Courage to Change the Things We Can 1944-1954

IT'S hard to realize today that when the year 1944 began the word alcoholism was still a hush-hush word, not to be uttered above a whisper, taboo to most people, and unknown as a word to even more. The press was afraid of it, afraid of the public's reaction to such an "unpleasant" subject--so much so that even the phenomenal response the Saturday Evening Post had received to the now-famous Jack Alexander article on AA in March, 1941, had not convinced other publications that they too might safely publish articles on alcoholism and AA.

It's hard to believe that in 1944 AA was still struggling to become established in many many parts of the country; that the membership was barely 10,000; that the cooperation of the medical profession, of hospitals, of employers and even of the families and friends of alcoholics was still a far-off dream.

-- M. M.

New York City, New York

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