From the June 1970 magazine.

. . . Never Exclusive

It takes all kinds--and we have to love them all

AFTER reading the article by D. C., Fitchburg, Mass., in the January Grapevine, I felt that I had better make a comment. I have been in AA for a little over twelve years and am sold on the idea that AA should be always "inclusive. . .never exclusive." The article "We Are Going to Do Something About Profanity" seems to me to be rather exclusive. I came to AA from a nut ward on an Air Force base and not only did not think about what I was saying, but had little control over what came out when I attempted to speak. I was very limited in the way I could express myself, and I feel sure that my case is not unique in AA.

I try to keep from using profanity and agree that it would be desirable to eliminate it altogether if we could, but I doubt that this will ever be the case. I feel that tolerance would be a better solution. People will always do things that other people take offense at. For example, some of us do not smoke and would prefer that others did not, especially in the small closed areas that most AA meetings are held in, with poor ventilation. But can we ask people who attend our meetings not to smoke? Can we ask, when we visit a meeting somewhere else, that the group refrain from smoking while we are there? I think not. It seems that tolerance is called for, not withdrawing from, or excluding others from, the Fellowship of AA.

-- L. R.

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

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