From the May 1971 magazine.

A Chance Acquaintance Shared the Message

A RECENT INCIDENT has really given me pleasure. I picked up a hitchhiker when I was driving to New York. In the course of conversation, he told me that he had a young friend where he lived, in Albany, who was having a terrible time with alcohol, and he was very worried about him. I asked this boy (who was studying sociology in Montreal) whether he knew anything about AA. It all ended up by my taking the boy to a meeting and his going back and confronting his friend.

Last week, I had a word from the boy I had picked up, saying that his friend had joined AA and was now, in his words, "a completely new person" and was very happy. This was my first experience of delegating somebody else to carry the message for me. I must say it made my heart feel good to know that another alcoholic got sober simply because a friend of his cared enough to go to a meeting, although he had no problem himself, and then to hand on what he had observed. This is the only form of therapy I know of that could be given in this particular way.

-- D. G. M., MD

Montreal, Quebec

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