From the September 1971 magazine.

Your God Or Mine

Resentment ran riot when others differed with his concept of a Higher Power

I KNEW AA WORKED for other people, but I didn't think it could work for me. I had tried on my own to stop drinking. Time after time I failed, and month after month I tried. There was a six-month period, from December 1968 through June 1969, that was really bad news.

It was a very simple problem: I just couldn't stop drinking, and I desperately wanted to stop. I was drunk when I didn't want to be drunk, sick when I didn't want to be sick, and hung-over and screwed-up when I didn't want to be hung-over and screwed-up. At one of my first contacts with AA, a gal put it really well when she said she was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. That was me, too.

-- R. B.

Venice, California

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