From the January 1976 magazine.

Sponsor Your Doctor

A nine-page symposium on doctors' opinions and opinions on doctors

ALL OF US interested in alcoholism and the problems of alcohol have been puzzled, frustrated, and at times angered by the lack of understanding or even of interest on the part of the helping professions, especially medicine. A few pioneers in medicine--Silkworth, Tiebout, Kennedy, Gehrmann, Seixas, Block, Gitlow, among others in the United States--have understood and done much to soften the prejudice that has been a major handicap to alcoholics' recovery.

Many members of AA have gone back to the physician, clergyman, or other person who tried to help them, and have told of their recovery. This has opened many doors, and I continue to urge AA members, in every way I can, to identify themselves as individuals recovering from alcoholism wherever and whenever the disclosure seems opportune.

-- John L. Norris, MD

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