From the August 1979 magazine.

You Can Say That Again!

Helpful words are passed on and on as we give of what we find useful

THE YOUNG recovered alcoholic ended his brief Alcoholics Anonymous pitch: "Today, I'm sure I am the best me I've ever been." Once more, it came to me how often we hear words by which to grow if we continue to attend our AA meetings. A few years ago, the Grapevine kindly printed a piece of mine recalling some words that have helped me stay sober now for ten years. A great many more have stuck in my mind.

Few of us ever claim ownership, or creativity, for thoughts that make our sobriety comfortable and full. Fortunately, helpful words are passed on and on as we give of what we find useful. We often say there's nothing new in AA philosophy, so nothing will ever be too old if it can help us cope with life's realities as we progress through our magnificent Twelve Steps.

-- C. C.

North Hollywood, California

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