From the May 1992 magazine.

When Outside Issues Creep in

I stood in my living room and screamed that I was quitting AA. My Al-Anon wife was stunned. She couldn't believe what she was hearing and all she could do was cry.

I had been sober for seventeen years and in that period I had devoted myself to AA. For me, Alcoholics Anonymous was not an avocation but a vocation. I averaged four meetings a week and spent many, many hours in service. My house was often like Grand Central Station--a stopping-off place for drunks. I had no interests outside of AA and work. I had a small business and never lost the opportunity to help the out-of-work newcomer by giving him a job. Most of the time, these newcomers took much and gave little. My business suffered, but since money was not my sole objective, I persisted in this practice against sound advice.

-- Anonymous

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